Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2015

Lake District

3rd April - 6th April


British Orienteering

UK Orienteering League



North West Orienteering Association clubs and their members are looking forward to welcoming orienteers, families and friends to the Southern Lake District in April 2015 for the 49th JK International Festival of Orienteering.

The JK is the UK's premier annual multi-day competition, attracting orienteers from around the world. 

The weekend comprises 4 days of top-class competition:

Friday 3 April      
Day 1: Sprint (WRE) & TempO at Lancaster University

Saturday 4 April
Day 2: Individual Race, Ulpha Park and Barrow Fell & Pre-O at Haverigg Dunes

Sunday 5 April
Day 3: Individual Race, Bigland

Monday 6 April
Day 4: Relays, Graythwaite

The above areas are all embargoed - you can see where they are on a map here.
At this time access is only allowed along public roads. Anybody who may need access to the area(s) and wishes to remain competitive should contact British Orienteering Events & Competitions Committee.


No quarantine


Advisory note for elite course runners at JK to help with pre-planning of transport, etc - there is no quarantine for the elite courses on any Day.

Last orders for JK O Tops


Get your order in for your JK2015 O top now and support the NW Junior Orienteering Squad.
The last date for orders is Friday (27 February). Have a look at the design and check out which size you need on the JK Souvenirs page


JK entries close on 6 March


A reminder that JK entries close at midnight on Friday 6 March.

Late entries after 6 March may be possible but only if maps and start times are available. Start times after 6 March are very unlikely to be available for the elite courses. In particular we anticipate that M21E at least is unlikely to have any spare start slots on Days 2 and 3.

Enter here.

JK Relay entries close at midnight on Sunday 15 March.

After 6 March, use the online SiEntries Waiting List facility or contact the Entries Secretary
If late entry can be accepted, the late entry fees will be:
Day 1: £7.50 (Junior/Student) and £15 (Senior)
Day 2: £12.50 (Junior/Student) and £25 (Senior).

After midnight on 26 March, entry will only be available in exceptional circumstances via the Entries Secretary.

WRE Status for JK Days 2 & 3

The application for World Ranking Event status for JK Days 2 (middle distance) and 3 (long distance) have been approved. More information to follow shortly.

JK Relay first entry closing date - Sunday 15 February


A reminder that the first entry date for relay teams (entries by Club Captains please) is Sunday 15 February.
Enter here.

Currently entry is £24 for junior teams (classes K, L, M & N) and £39 for senior teams. After Sunday it will be £30 for junior and £48 for senior teams.

WRE status for JK Day 1 Sprint

The application for World Ranking Event status for JK Day 1 - Sprint at Lancaster University has been approved. 

JK Training


Details of JK training areas and an informal event are now available.

Entries top 2,300


At the first entry closing date on 31 January, entries for the Day 1 sprint had reached 1,800 and over 2,300 competitors from 21 nations had entered Days 2 & 3.

The first entry date for relay teams (entries by Club Captains please) is Sunday 15 February.

The final closing date is midnight on Friday 6 March. After that late entry may be possible but only if maps and start times are available.

Enter here.

Day 2 & 3 Map Scales


A page has now been set up for Day 2/3 course details. At present it lists map scales and starts. Course lengths, climb & number of controls to follow.

Are you an M/W 18/20/21 who does not want to run Elite at the Day 1 Sprint race?


A reminder that M/W18, 20 or 21s who do not want to run an elite course at the Day 1 sprint race should enter the M/W Open course.

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