Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2017

South East

14th April - 17th April


British Orienteering

UK League


Day 3: Sunday 16 April
Individual Long Distance Race, St Leonards & Holmbush

Organisers: Mike Bolton (Mole Valley OC) assisted by Andrew Evans(Dartford OC)
Planners:    Tony Burton  (Mole Valley OC) assisted by Mike Elliot (Mole Valley OC)
Controller:   Steve McKinley (Southern Navigators) assisted by Chris Huthwaite (SARUM)
Mapping:     Mike Elliot 

Competition Area: The combination of the areas of Holmbush and St Leonards creates a large area predominately consisting of varied woodland, with a few open slopes. In some areas multiple small thickets break up the running and visibility and provide a contrast.

Approximate location of car parking
Main Event Postcode RH12 4SE.
PreO  Postcode RH12 4HE
More information to follow in the Final Details

Embargo: This competition area is embargoed. Access is only allowed along public roads. Anybody who may need access to the area and wishes to remain competitive should contact the British Orienteering Events & Competitions Committee. For further details click here.

Classes: The following are available:

All the above by pre-entry only.

IOF WRE: status has been awarded to the M/W21 Elite raceshttp://www.thejk.org.uk/jkwebsite/files/IOF_logo.gif

Planning Notes: Long courses will be the full 100% distance as would be used for the British Championships, with Short courses adjusted accordingly. Provisional course length details are given on the Day 2/3 course details page

Parking: On fields with expected maximum 500m walk to Arena

Start Times: Between 1000 and 1400