Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2018

West Midlands

30th March - 2nd April


British Orienteering

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Day 3 - Long Race (Beaudesert/Brereton Hayes)


Beaudesert is just to the north of Cannock Wood.


Beaudesert and Brereton Hayes are forested areas with streams and marshes, and intricate contouring and the famous bell-pits (deep holes with raised edges) proliferating.


1:15,000 5m contour detail for the longer courses, 1:10,000 5m contour detail for almost everyone else. The TD1 and TD2 courses will be at 1:7,500. Remapped in 2017 by Peel Land Survey to ISOM2017 using LIDAR data for the first time.


Long and short classes are available. 


British Orienteering require all competitors to wear clothing that fully covers the torso and legs. There may also be a requirement to carry a hooded waterproof top. If required, there will be notices on the day.


There will be Pre-O available close to the arena.


Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the arena. They are allowed in the large car parking field, but must be on a lead and all mess must be picked up.