Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2018

West Midlands

30th March - 2nd April


British Orienteering

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There will be two types of trail-O available: Temp-O on day 1 and Pre-O on day 3. Both will be close to the arena on each day. Trail-O starts will be timed to allow you to take part after completing the Sprint or the Long if you so wish.


Temp-O is the sprint version of Trail-O, consisting of timed controls throughout. Each person is called individually to a control station and is seated – or if in a wheelchair, placed at the same spot – with a view out over terrain with usually 6 kites visible on different mapped features. The 6 kites are pointed out by an official, and then a stack of small map extracts is handed out, each aligned in the direction of view and showing one control circle. Initially a cover sheet hides the first map from view. Once the official has said ”Your time starts now”, the cover sheet can be removed and the first map studied. The centre of the control circle is a distinct feature in the terrain – the task is to decide if there is a kite there or not, and if there is, which one is it of the six in view


Pre-O completely eliminates the element of speed over the ground, but makes the map interpretation element much harder. Depending on the level of difficulty, up to five control markers are hung at each site and only one will correspond exactly with the control description and control circle position. Indeed, (except on Novice courses), one possible answer is 'None of the controls corresponds'.

The full explanation of Trail-O is at https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/site/trailo