Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2020

North East England

10th April - 13th April



NEOA are very proud to be delivering JK 2020.  However, we are well aware it is a major undertaking for any region, and particularly so for us with one of the smallest regional memberships in the country.  To deliver a successful event we expect to need the majority of members in our own clubs to help out (on multiple days), but also depend on some volunteers from outside the region to offer support on a day.  Please see below for what we are looking for.

Being a volunteer at a major event like the JK brings many benefits:

If you are able to help in any capacity, please contact the coordinator Duncan Archer (jk2020coordinator@gmail.com).  At the current time we are particularly seeking team leaders from within NEOA clubs, and offers of regular helpers from clubs outside NEOA.

Major official roles

The following roles are all now now filled – see the details on the pages for each day. 

We are still seeking

If you are interested in these roles, please contact the coordinator Duncan Archer (jk2020coordinator@gmail.com).

Team leaders and other significant roles

We expect to fill most of these roles from within NEOA.  If you are willing to volunteer for any of these roles, or might be persuaded but would first like more information, please contact the coordinator Duncan Archer (jk2020coordinator@gmail.com).

Role Details Who
Safety officer Description Katherine Brown (NATO)
Website and social media Updating the website and social media accounts in the run up to and during the weekend David Aspin (CLOK)
Final details Preparing the final details for the weekend Ray Barnes (CLOK)
Entries secretary Description Nic Barber (CLOK)
Car parking team leader(s) Description TBD
Arena manager(s) Description TBD
Enquiries / registration team leader Description Kim Sanderson (NATO)
Start team leader (day 1) Description Joanne Field (NATO)
Start team leader (days 2/3/4) Description Dennis Hooton (CLOK)
Finish / download / relay changeover team leader Description TBD
Equipment officer Description TBD
Forest equipment officer Sourcing and managing the forest equipment (SI boxes, kites, stakes, etc.) Chris Mackenzie (CLOK)
String course team leader Description TBD
Prize giving team leader Description TBD
Overall volunteer coordinator Coordinating groups of helpers from outside NEOA TBD
CLOK volunteer coordinator  Finding helpers within your club and allocating to jobs Peter Archer (CLOK)
NATO volunteer coordinator Finding helpers within your club and allocating to jobs TBD
NN volunteer coordinator  Finding helpers within your club and allocating to jobs TBD
DUOC volunteer coordinator  Finding helpers within your club and allocating to jobs Sam New (DUOC)
NUFOC volunteer coordinator  Finding helpers within your club and allocating to jobs TBD

Liason with contracted services and outside parties

Service Who
Map printing Paul Taylor (CLOK)
Mulgrave Estates permissions Paul Taylor (CLOK)
Toilets Mike Hardy (CLOK)
Forestry England and Stockton permissions Mike Hardy (CLOK)
First aid Katherine Brown (NATO) and Richard Rigby (CLOK)
Entries Nic Barber (CLOK)
Results TBD
Traders TBD
Race bibs Chris Mackenzie (CLOK)
Commentary, PA & radio controls Duncan Archer (CLOK)

Volunteers from clubs in NEOA

We expect members of the open and closed clubs in NEOA (CLOK, NATO, NN, DUOC and NUFOC) to help on multiple days over the weekend.  We will be appointing volunteer coordinators in each of the clubs, and then working via them nearer the time of the event to agree volunteer numbers, names, assign to teams, etc. 

There is no need for individuals to volunteer as regular helpers right now (but if you could be persuaded to take on a team leader role – see above!).

Volunteers from outside NEOA

We would welcome (and expect to need) support from outside NEOA to help successfully deliver four days of exciting orienteering.  We are looking for regular helpers to work in teams, particularly those jobs that demand quite a few bodies (e.g. parking, starts, download, control collecting, tempO).  We would ideally receive support via clubs who can offer a particular numbers of bodies to help.  We can then agree with you an area to help with (for example the start team for a given shift / on a given day).  This means you get to work alongside your clubmates, and you can coordinate individual helpers within your club, rather than us having to contact those individuals directly. 

Please talk in your club committees, and if you feel you can offer some support please contact the coordinator Duncan Archer (jk2020coordinator@gmail.com), with approximate number of bodies you can offer, and any preferences for days, shifts, jobs, etc.

When entries open we will also invite individuals from outside NEOA to offer their support directly, rather than via their clubs, but initially our preference is to receive offers of support via clubs as above.

Recognition and rewards

Planners, organisers, controllers, and anyone needing to make more than one visit to event sites prior to the weekend of the event, will have travel reimbursed at standard rates, as well as expenses for any consumables, phone calls, printing, etc.  Details on how to claim will be provided in due course.  All final claims MUST be submitted by 15th May 2020, so we can finalise the accounts promptly after the event.

All other volunteers from clubs in or outside NEOA will be compensated with a £5 voucher per helping shift, which can be spent at any of the food or equipment traders on any day during the JK weekend.  This has been the standard compensation for JK helpers over the last couple of years.

We are also investigating whether we can offer other items of recognition, e.g. event helper t-shirt or similar.  Watch this space (and if anyone / any clubs considering offering support have ideas about what they feel would be a nice, cost-effective recognition, please let us know).