Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2017

South East

14th April - 17th April


British Orienteering

UK League


NEWS 30 Lost Property  (24 April 2017)
The following items remain in Lost Property - email Enquiries to claim 
3 x tops
1 red childs jacket
1 black fleece
1 Welsh top
1 pair socks
1 gaiter
1 child's hat
1 fleece neckwarmer black

water bottles
Alphabet card
plastic wallet with credit card slips etc 0 - shops in Sainsburys High Holborn
3 control description holders
1 pair sunglasses
1 Si card
1 walkie talkie

Photographs of the various items.

NEWS 29 Event Photographs Day 4 (22 April 2017)
More photographs from the event have been posted. You can find links to them on the Results, Photos & Reports page

NEWS 28 Day 4 (17 April 2017)
Driving the equipment van to the event, early morning rain on the windscreen caused some worry about the weather but in the end it just got better as they day went on. It was pretty wet overnight though - we've been fortunate with the weather on all four days. We trust that it contributed to your enjoyment.

So we finished with a day of some very strong team performances, a pink cow and (eventually) a clear blue sky.

The organising team hasn't completely finished yet though and there will be more comments on various aspects of the event over the next few days, but the marquees have been dismantled, the portaloos have gone home and all of the results are posted, including links to Routegadget!

We hope that you all had a safe and timely journey home and look forward to seeing you at next years JK on Cannock Chase in the West Midlands. You can find more information about that now by using the JK 2018 tab on this page    

NEWS 27 Day 3 (16 April 2017)
Driving the equipment van home a few spots of rain on the windscreen emphasised how lucky we had been with the weather - another glorious day. The forecast is for another dry day tomorrow - perfect for the relays!

Some really tight races at the top today and a real contrast of areas for those using the Far start! And a change of terrain again for tomorrow - have we kept the best to last?


NEWS 26 (15 April 2017)
A reminder that the latest version of the event Programme, published on 10th April, is available here

NEWS 25 Day 2 (15 April 2017)
Congratulations to today's winners - we hope that you all enjoyed the forest, the competition and the dry weather

Anyone who failed to collect clothing from Clothing Reclaim can find it tomorrow in the Lost Property basket by Enquiries
We now have lots of unclaimed Elite maps from Day 1 and Day 2. Once again, collect from the boxes by Enquiries
After today's weather finished on a high it looks like we will have patches of light rain from late morning tomorrow, so come prepared. Temperatures gradually climbing to a high of about 12C.
Remember that course class combinations and starts are different for many competitors tomorrow  - and have £2 ready for car parking!
And finally, thank you for being helpful with litter today, we had much less clearing up to do. Same again tomorrow please!

NEWS 24 Day 1 (15 April 2017) PHOTOGRAPHS
Day 1 photographs by Rob Lines can be found here

NEWS 23 Day 1 (14 April 2017)
Some fine racing and we are glad to say that the drizzle forecast as a possibility held off! The weather forecast for tomorrow is 11C and dry. Remember to have £2 ready for car parking

Found at today's event; 1 pair of headphones, an amount of money and a blue hoodie

Lost; a mobile phone, possibly in the Ladies toilets

And finally, take your litter home! Clearing up the main building at the end of the day took longer than necessary and was not a pleasant task.

NEWS 22 (13 April 2017)
The Mixed Punching Guide has been revised in order to correct a mistake. The correction is that if SIAC users swipe their card at a control the control box will not beep or flash. It will if you dib. You can find the latest version of the guide here

NEWS 21 (11 April 2017)
Did you go to the first ever JK Trophy weekend back in 1967 at Hindhead? And are you coming to this years event? If so then please email Enquiries to let us know - we'd like to celebrate!.

As well as results screens at the Arena each day, SPORTident will be providing a Wireless Access Point to enable viewing of provisional results on suitably enabled personal devices. Go to the Homepage for further information

NEWS 19 (10 April 2017)

Entry on the Day is available for Novice / Colour Coded / TRailO courses only. Refer to the event Programme for details.

NEWS 18 (10 April 2017)
Start Lists for Individual days are available here

NEWS 17 (10 April 2017)
An updated version of the event Programme is available here
The most significant change to the earlier version is the provision of more information relating to the TrailO event plus the fact that we will now be operating priority parking on Day 2 so bring your permit if you have one. Otherwise changes are only minor.

NEWS 16 (3 April 2017)
The event Programme is now available here.

NEWS 15: (29 March 2017)
Entries for any or all of the Individual Events and for the Relay Event can continue to be made up to midnight on Sunday 9th April through the SI website. Entry fees are shown on the JK2017 website. All entries will be wait listed initially with no payment being made. If there is a space on your chosen course or relay class, you entry will be accepted and you will receive an email requesting payment. 

NEWS 14: (29 March 2017)
Competitor Guides to Mixed Punching for Individual and Relays events at the JK are now available from the Mixed Punching Guides & FAQs page

NEWS 13: (29 March 2017)
Start Lists for Individual days are now available here
Team Lists for the Relays are now available here

NEWS 12:
The end date for ordering JK branded clothing on-line has been extended to 24.00hrs Sunday 5th March 2017.

NEWS 11: (16 February 2017)
Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) Update
Unfortunately we have not been able to make alternative parking arrangements for vehicles impacted by the LEZ on Day 1. For more information refer to the Day 1 page.

NEWS 10: (9 February 2017)
Unfortunately the South East Middle Distance Championships on Sunday 2nd April have been postponed due to Land Access issues. Revised date is probably 23rd April and therefore after the JK

NEWS 9: (8 February 2017)
Bulletin 1 for the World Ranking Event Races is now published and available here or from the WRE Bulletins page on this website.

NEWS 8: (2 February 2017)
Competitors considering whether to hire or buy a SIAC card for use at the JK may wish to be aware that the following events will feature mixed punching:

NEWS 7: (1 February 2017)
Low Emissions Zone (LEZ)
Competitors and traders travelling to the event in older, larger vehicles (including some large minibuses and motorhomes) should be aware that Brunel University lies (just) within the London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). For more information refer to the Day 1 page

NEWS 6: (15 December 2016)
Help to develop Junior Orienteering Talent!
If you feel able to help the work of JROS a donation facility has been added to the SiEntries process.
Thank you for your support. See bottom of Entries page.

NEWS 5: (30 November 2016)
More details about the 2 days of TrailO competition have now been confirmed. In particular, please note that the PreO competition has been moved from Day2 to Day3 and to the new area of Leechpool (near Horsham) which is close to the main competition area of the day. We have made this change in order to ensure that we use the best terrain for the competition.

Go to the TrailO page on this site for more information.


NEWS 4: (25 November 2016)
There is an opportunity to try out SIAC cards and contactless punching at the Brighton City Race on 17th December 2016.

NEWS 3: (16 November 2016)

Entries for JK2017 are now open, more details on our Entries page.
Enter before the first closing date of 29th January to get the best entry fees as well as a free JK themed neck-warmer.

NEWS 2: (16 November 2016)

We are pleased to announce that all 4 days of JK2017 will feature Contactless Punching.

JK2017 will be using SPORTident (SI) punching and all control units will be upgraded to accept SPORTident Air Contactless (SIAC) cards as well as traditional SI ‘dibbers’. This Mixed Punching means that competitors will be able to use either contactless or punching SI cards at the event, with SIAC cards being available for competitors to hire.

SPORTident contactless punching was used successfully at the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland in 2015.  Mixed punching has been used at several events organised by SEOA clubs in 2016 and will be used in several more in the run up to JK2017 including the Brighton City Race on 17th December 2016. The technology is also well established in other sports such as mountain biking. With this in mind we believe that JK2017 provides an ideal opportunity to introduce this approach to a wider orienteering audience.

Contactless punching enables competitors to move through controls without the need to stop and punch and users have commented that as well as improving their flow and concentration it also increases the pressure on them as they have lost their excuse to stop and study at each control

All this is consistent with this year’s IOF statement on mixed punching which can be found here

You can find more information on our SIAC FAQ page

NEWS 1: (10 Sept 2016) Welcome

On behalf of the South East Orienteering Association, its clubs and members we welcome you to the heart of Sussex in April 2017 for the 50th JK International Festival of Orienteering.

The JK is the UK's premier annual multi-day competition and our aim is to make it a true festival of orienteering. So as well as featuring challenging courses on high quality areas and maps we aim provide a family-friendly and fun event, with car parking close to or adjacent to Assembly areas and a programme of activities focussed on Juniors.

In addition, we are also working to create a full programme of local events in the week before the JK itself, starting with the Chiltern Challenge on Sunday 9th April. More news of that in the future as things progress

So, put the date in your diary for a showcase of British orienteering at its best. 

Simon Greenwood