Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2020

North East England

10th April - 13th April


The JK 2020 has now been cancelled at Easter. Please see the full statement on the home page.

Trail Orienteering

TrailO Explanation: A full explanation of TrailO can be found on the British TrailO website.

TempO - Friday 10th April, Tees Barrage

Location: River Tees Barrage area.

Parking: Disabled competitors may park at Tees Barrage (~100m from registration). Able bodied competitors should park in the regular FootO parking, and walk ~1km to the TempO.

Explanation: TempO is the "sprint" version of TrailO, consisting of timed controls throughout. Each person is called individually to a Control Station and is seated – or if in a wheelchair, placed at the same spot – with a view out over terrain with usually 6 orienteering kites visible. The 6 kites, labelled “A” / “Alpha” through to “F” / “Foxtrot” from left to right, are pointed out by the Station Official, and then a pack of small map extracts is handed out, each aligned in the direction of view and showing one control circle. Initially a cover sheet hides the first map from view. Once the Station Official says ”Your time starts now”, the cover sheet can be removed and the first map studied. The centre of the control circle is a distinct feature in the terrain – the Task is to decide if there is a kite there or not, and if there is, which one is it of the six in view.  If none of the kites corresponds exactly with the control circle and description, the answer is “Zero” / “Z”.  Answers are given verbally, using the Phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Zero), or by pointing to the correct letter on a board. Results are based on the time taken at each Station to answer all Tasks, plus a 30 seconds penalty for every wrong answer.

Map: Previous map here (the TempO will take place around the whitewater centre in the north east part of the map).

Courses / classes: Two courses:

Exact numbers of stations and problems will be confirmed nearer the time.

Starts: 12:30 - 15:30.

Prize giving: See below


PreO - Saturday 11th April

Location: Sneaton East forest.

Parking: The PreO parking and registration is 1km from the JK middle FootO arena and car park.

Explanation: PreO significantly reduces the element of speed over the ground, but makes the map interpretation element much harder. Depending on the level of difficulty, up to five orienteering kites (“A” to “E”, from left to right) are hung at each site and only one may correspond exactly with the control description and control circle position. Indeed one possible answer is 'None of the kites is correct' so this is a “Z” answer.  Answers are recorded on a paper control card.  In addition, there will be one or two Timed Control Stations, with two to three Tasks each.  These are similar to TempO, but with no “Z” answers, and a 60 second penalty for wrong answers.  The competition results are based on the number of PreO Controls answered correctly within the total time allowed to complete the course.  Those with equal correct answers are then separated by their time taken & penalties on the Timed Controls.

Map: Previous map here (the PreO will take place around the forest track roughly in the centre of that map).

Courses / classes: Two courses:

Exact numbers of controls will be confirmed nearer the time, but the standard class will have fewer regular and no timed controls.

Starts: 12:30 - 16:30.

Prize giving: A low key prize giving will be held at the PreO area around 18:30, or earlier if results are certain, for any prize winners who are around.  Any remaining TrailO prizes will be presented as part of the JK middle/long combined prize giving on day 3.