Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2020

North East England

10th April - 13th April


If the answers aren't already on the website (please check!), then the final details should eventually answer all your questions. Until it is published, here are the answers to some FAQs: 

When will the final details be published?

We are aiming to publish by 26th March (two weeks before the event)

Can you give an indication of course lengths?

Nothing definite until the final details come out, but in the meantime see:

Is there any pre-JK training?

There are no formal JK training activites / events. However see the British Orienteering Permanent Orienteering Course website here which includes several in the region that have maps available for free download.

Can I take photos at the event?

In accordance with British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, we request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close-range photography should read and comply with section 4.8 of British Orienteering’s O Safe Policy. Organisers reserve the right to challenge anyone who is giving cause for concern. If anyone has concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography they should raise them with the relevant Day Organiser, contactable via Enquiries.

If you wish to be an Official Photographer, including hosting signfiicant number of photos on the internet, and permission to go into the terrain, you must complete an Official Photographer registration form. This can be downloaded here, and submitted to the JK coordinator (coordinator@thejk.org.uk). You will be required to wear a special Hi Vis vest, available for collection from Enquiries.

Anyone who does not wish to have their photo taken should complete the form here (or from Enquiries) and hand it in to Enquiries. You will be identified by your bib number.