Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2021

South West England

2nd April - 5th April


In 2021 the South West Orienteering Association (SWOA) hope to welcome you to the JK in Cornwall including:

    Four days of orienteering over the Easter weekend
    Sprint, middle and long distance individual races
    Relay competition
    Two IOF World Ranking Events - application pending
    GPS tracking for elite courses
    Temp O and Pre O competitions
    Activities for children (string course...)

A map of the embargoed areas is available here.  The areas are all embargoed for runners wishing to compete in the JK, until the competition is finished. Any attempt to survey or train in the competition terrain is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by the JK coordinator.

Middle and Long distance individual foot-O competitions will be applied for to be World Ranking Events.

There will also be a Temp-O competition on day 1, and a Pre-O competition on day 2

All days will use the SPORTident punch system, and controls will be enabled for touch free punching with SIACs.

Covid - 19 update as at 11th June 2020

The JK2021 team are hoping that they will soon be able give more details on how they plan to offer a full 4 day weekend of orienteering in 2021 but please check here for more information after the 1st September 2020.

Provisional details:

Date Fri 2nd April 2021 Sat 3rd April 2021 Sun 4th April 2021 Mon 5th April 2021
Area Plymouth Hoe Penhale Sands Penhale Sands Davidstow Moor

Rod Allday (KERNO)

Graham Pring (KERNO) assisted by Bernie Muir (KERNO)

Graham Pring (KERNO) assisted by Bernie Muir (KERNO)

Steve Beech (KERNO)

Planners Gavin Clegg (BOK) Phil Newall (KERNO)

Ben Chesters (DEVON)

Will Hancock (KERNO)

Controllers Simon Thompson (HOC) Ranald Macdonald (DVO)

Tim Pribul (CHIG)

Charles Daniel (BOK)
WRE / IOF event advisers N/A Mike Forrest (BOK)

Tim Pribul (CHIG)