Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2022
15th April - 18th April
Wales 15th April - 18th April

Trail Orienteering  


Trail Orienteering is an orienteering discipline testing map reading in natural terrain. The discipline has been developed to offer everyone, including people with limited mobility, a chance to participate in a meaningful orienteering competition. Manual or electric wheel chairs, walking sticks, and assistance with movement etc. are permitted as speed of movement is not part of the competition. Trail orienteers must identify on the ground control points shown on the map. As this is done from a distance, both able-bodied and participants with disabilities compete on level terms. Proof of correct identification of the control points does not require any manual dexterity, allowing those with severely restricted movement to compete equally. Most trail orienteering events have classes open for everyone. Athletes who cannot participate on reasonably equal terms in the sport because of a functional disadvantage due to a permanent disability are eligible for the physically challenged class.

Trail Orienteering events will be held along side the Foot Orienteering at the JK. These will be organised to allow competitors to take part in both FootO and TrailO, or just in TrailO, with the events either collocated with the Foot Orienteering, or close by. As in previous years, there will be a short form event on the Sprint day, and PreO on the Middle and/or Long days. Specific timings and details will follow. The events will each have a Standard class suitable for newcomers and recreational participants, and elite classes making up the TrailO JK Championship. Any interested newcomers who have not taken part before can find more information on TrailO on the British Orienteering web site (https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/site/trailo) which explains the way the competitions work. All events will be suitable for able-bodied and disabled participants including wheelchair users, and a separate elite class will be available for competitors who meet physically challenged criteria. Classes are not split by age, but the best elite junior will be the JK Junior TrailO Champion.

Unlike previous years, the short form event on Day 1 will not be TempO, which would have a series of timed control points, but will instead be a short Precision Orienteering format using either a Sprint PreO or PreO One man relay rules. Both these formats are like PreO, but with much shorter time limits and track distances, and so can be easily completed alongside a run at the Sprints.

The full explanation of Trail-O is at https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/site/trailo