Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2024
The Midlands
29th March - 1st April
The Midlands 29th March - 1st April

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Neighbouring club alliances for junior classes


Clubs from the same Association and/or geographically adjacent clubs are permitted to form combined teams (“Alliances”) for participation in the JK Relays. Alliance teams are competitive and will be eligible to win trophies. This applies to the following classes:

  • Mini Relay (M/W12 or under)
  • M14, W14   
  • M18, W18

See the ENTRIES tab for more information.

JK Programme V3 now published


Version 3 of the programme now issued due to a couple of funamental changes. The entries secretary details have changed and the terms and conditions link has been updated to point to the current terms and conditions.

JK Programme V2 now published


Version 2 of the programme has now been issued. There are still some areas that need information adding, so expect version 3 in March.

Beaudesert permission update


Permission has now been granted for Beaudesert. All permissions are now in place.

WRE Bulletin 1 issued


The WRE bulletin 1 is now available. It can be found under the WRE Bulletin Information tab.

JK Entries Opening Date


We have had to delay opening entries for the JK due to a delay in getting the permissions for Beaudesert approved by the Forestry. Entries will now open on 7th January.