Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2024
The Midlands
29th March - 1st April
The Midlands 29th March - 1st April


Individual Age Class entries have now closed. A waiting list system will now operate. Acceptance will depend on map availability.

Relay entries will open on Sunday 7th January and will close on Sunday 10th March.

Individual novice and colour class entry - available on the day.

Entries enquiries to Di Jacks: dijacks68@gmail.com

All other enquiries to Andy Yeates: jkcoordinator2024@gmail.com

Individual 3 days

JK courses are pre-entered by age class (M/W10 - M/W90).

All championship class competitors must be either a member of British Orienteering or a member of an IOF affiliated Federation.

Please note that UK orienteers must be BOF members to enter (except for non-competitive courses – see below). 

Shadowing is not allowed on championship courses

Days 1 is to be a World Ranking Event (WRE) for the elite classes. Anyone entering the World Ranking courses (M/W18E, 20E and 21E on Day 1) must provide their IOF ID if they would like to receive World Ranking points. Anyone entering these classes without an IOF ID will not receive World Ranking points. IOF World Ranking IDs can be found here.

There are two dates for entry - early and late. There will be a fee increase for entering in the late period, so we encourage you to enter early.

Entry Fees: All charges for this event will be made in Pounds Sterling

Entry Fees (£)


By 4th 

By 3rd 

Day 1 - Sprint


 19 (9)

 23 (11) 

Day 2 - Middle


 25 (11)

 29 (13)

Day 3 - Long


 25 (11)

 29 (13)

Days 1- Elite
TrailO *


12 (8)

 16 (8)

Days 1,2,3 - Non
competitive courses 
(per day) #


 12 (5)

 12 (5)

(Junior / Student fees in brackets)

* Elite Trail O (Open / Open Junior / Physically Challenged / Physically Challenged Junior)
TrailO at the JK will be a PreO in urban terrain. Course length, subject to final checking, will be 1.5km with a timed AZ section for tie break. The start will be adjacent to assembly. An application for the course to be part of the British TrailO League has been made (BriTOL). The course planner is Peter Hornsby and course checker is Iain Phillips (both of LEI).

 # Non competitive courses:

  • Novice Sprint - Day 1 only
  • Standard TrailO - Days 1 only
    (Open / Open Junior)
    TrailO event may be co-located with the Foot O event.
  • Colour coded courses - Days 2,3 only
    (White, Yellow, Orange, & Light Green)

For non competitive courses we offer pre-entry and entry on the day only while map stocks last.

Mixed punching will be enabled for all days. You do not need a SIAC dibber to compete, but they are available to hire (through the entry system) if you would like to try one.

SIAC hire is (per day you are entering): £2.50 (free to M/W18 and under).

There will be a waiting list available after the individual entries close. Entry will depend on map numbers and course loading.

Please note the following regarding start time preferences:

  • Elites – Start times for all competitors on elite courses will be seeded in order of ranking (or on day 3 based on day 2 result) with the best starting last.  Start time preferences will be ignored.  Please bear this in mind if entering with other non-elites.
  • Helpers –  Please provide a start time preference, which we will attempt to accommodate in conjunction with helping (e.g. if you prefer to start late we will find an early helping job, and vice versa), and provide you with an allocated start time.
  • Everyone else – Indicate your start time preference. Please note: There will be no open starts. Split starts will have early and late start times. It is your responsibility to make sure you make your start time. 

Enter Individual events Online: ENTER ONLINE  

Edit Individual Entries: EDIT ENTRY

Individuals Entry List: ENTRY LIST


Entries Open  Sunday 7th January 2024
Entries Close Sunday 10th March 2024

Senior Relay Team - £75
Junior Relay Team - £40 (Classes K, L, M & N)

Enter Relays Online ENTER ONLINE

Edit Relay Entries EDIT ENTRY

Relays entry List EDIT ENTRY

Neighbouring club alliances for junior classes

This applies to the following classes:

  • Mini Relay
  • Junior Relay (M/W40-)
  • Intermediate Men (M48-)
  • Intermediate Women (W48-)

Clubs from the same Association and/or geographically adjacent clubs are permitted to form combined teams (“Alliances”) for participation in the JK Relays, British Relay Championships, and British Mixed Sprint Relay, and a different alliance can be formed for each team at each event. Alliance teams are competitive and will be eligible to win trophies.

Clubs may only combine to enter “Alliance” teams if they have already entered as many complete teams as they are able to in each class.

In circumstances where combined teams are formed, clubs must pick their best runners for their own club team or teams before seeking to form an alliance to give their additional junior orienteers the opportunity to run in the competition. Any attempt by clubs to do otherwise may lead to their alliance team being declared non-competitive. The spirit of this initiative is, therefore, that clubs form teams from their own members and are encouraged to develop their own club juniors; it is not the intention for 'elite' teams to be formed.

British Orienteering Major Events Cancellation, Curtailment and Refund Policy
This document refers to the Major Events as British Night Championships (BNC), Jan Kjellström (JK), British Middle & Sprint Championships (BS&MC), and British Long & Relay Championships (BOC & BRC) and refers to them collectively as the ‘Event’.
In the case of curtailment or cancellation of the event due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fees. Competitors may only cancel their entry if the event itself has not been curtailed or cancelled.

Refunds will be given to cancellations by entrants as follows:

Cancellations up until the final individual closing date (Sunday 3rd March 2024) will receive a full refund minus 10% admin fee (90% refund).
Cancellations up until Friday 15th March 2024 will receive a 50% refund minus 10% admin fee (40% refund).

We regret that no refunds of entry fees will be possible after this date.

If you wish to cancel your whole entry for an individual you included when you entered, you can do so yourself. Log on to SiEntries and click on “My Entries / Memberships” Find your JK entry and select the individual. Then click on Cancel.

If you wish to cancel part of your entry e.g. a single day, please contact the entries secretary at dijacks68@gmail.com

British Orienteering & the Organising Body
a) British Orienteering and the Organising Body reserve the right to cancel or curtail the Event whether for operational reasons, Force Majeure (as explained below), or other reasons, in which case the Organising Body reserves the right to retain all or part of the entry fees.
b) In the event of cancellation or curtailment, British Orienteering or the Organising Body will immediately notify all registered participants (provided they had given a mobile number or e-mail address) through the entries provider and other interested parties directly and will post a notice on the British Orienteering and specific Event websites.
c) British Orienteering or the Organising Body will not make any payments for compensation of cost or losses incurred by the Entrant as a result of British Orienteering or the Organising Body cancelling or curtailing the Event for whatever reason. For example, accommodation and travel costs.
Force Majeure
a) British Orienteering and the Organising Body, its agents or any engaged third party related to the Event will not be responsible for any loss, cancellation, curtailment, damage or injury arising as a consequence of Acts of God, fire, natural disasters, weather conditions, computer or system failure, acts of war (declared or otherwise), terrorism, civil unrest, military or usurped power, confiscation by or under the order of government or public authority, or for any other reasons beyond the control of British Orienteering and the Organising Body.
Accuracy of Information
a) British Orienteering and the Organising Body have made every possible effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness and validity of the contents of the Event website and will not accept any liability whatsoever for any form of loss, damage or inconvenience arising from any errors or omissions that may occur. The use of the Event website is entirely at the user’s own risk.

b) British Orienteering and the Organising Body are not responsible in any way for the content of third party or linked websites and recommend that the terms and conditions of those sites be reviewed