Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2013
Chilterns, Southern England
29th March - 1st April
Chilterns, Southern England 29th March - 1st April

Day 4  Hambleden – Relay Races

Monday 1st April

Results are now available here.

Routegadget is available here.

A return to the scene of day 2 for some head-to-head racing in the fast runnable woods of Hambleden.  The relays will utilise parts of the forest not visited on the individual day.

Details of the relay courses available are available here.  

A map of the competition area, as used for the Southern Championships in 2011, can be viewed here.

Map scale will be 1:10,000, with 5m contours.

Start times will be as follows:

10:00 Mini Relay
10:10 Men's Trophy, M120+
10:20 Women's Trophy, M165+
10:30 M/W40-
10:40 Mixed Ad Hoc, Intermediate Men, Intermediate Women
10:50 Men's Short, W120+
11:00 W165+, M/W210+, Women's Short

The gaffle for the Mixed Ad Hoc course can be viewed here.  You will want to take into account the length of your legs when determining the order to run your three competitors.  Please note that the order for declaring your team is Long, Medium and Short, regardless of the actual order of legs for your team.

Dogs are allowed at the event, but strictly under the following conditions.  They must remain on a lead at all times and are restricted to parking and assembly areas and routes in between.  Owners must clear up after their dogs.  At no time may a dog be off a lead, or in any other parts of the forest.

Relays for Oldies

A new class is introduced for JK2013: Class O for teams of three competitors with a combined age of 210 or more. 

The class is aimed at older competitors, to give them an opportunity to run in a competitive team on a course that is not over-exerting.  In order to allow as many teams to be formed as possible, each team can comprise any combination of men and women, and in order to level the playing field between the sexes women have 10 years added their age for the purposes of calculating total team age.  Full details are available in the course descriptions here.

The class is being trialled this year and may be adopted as a standard JK course if there is sufficient interest. For this year, at least, class O will use the same course as W165+.  Call up will be at 10:45 and mass start at 11:00.

Please support this new class and ensure it is continued in future JKs.


Organiser – Scott Collier (KERNO)

Planner – Steve Long (TVOC) and Andrew Southwood (BKO)

Controller – Neil Crickmore (SO)