Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2014
South Wales
18th April - 21st April
South Wales 18th April - 21st April

Day 2 complaints

A number of official complaints were made by competitors who had arrived late for their Day 2 Starts and who had thus been recorded with an extended time. Some of the reasons given referred to long walks from where they were parked.

The Organiser decided not to make any time adjustments for any of these complaints as they were not the fault of the Organiser. In the case of long walks from the car park, the Event Details specifically said that "The furthest parking distance from the Event Arena is 2.5 km".

Note that BOF Rules only permit a time adjustment if the lateness is the fault of the Organiser.

A different complaint was made by a competitor in the M20E class about his first control (216) being in the wrong place. The Controller and Planner visited the terrain and confirmed that 216 was indeed correctly placed and the Organiser rejected the Complaint. The Complainant accepted this decision.

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