Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2014
South Wales
18th April - 21st April
South Wales 18th April - 21st April

Good Samaritan tracing service

From Neil Gostick (24/04/2014)

I want to inquire who helped our daughter, Gemma,  when she was injured near the start falling down some steps.

I think a middle aged male runner must have essentially given up his run to go and get some marshals to collect Gemma.

Now that we are back from the hospital with Gemma in plaster, with either a bad a sprain or even mild fracture, we are piecing together the story and would like to thank whoever it was who stopped to help her.

The story has a happy ending, as Simon Maytum (SAXONS) subsequently wrote (26/04/2014):

"I gather that I am being 'traced' as it was me who helped Gemma on the Sprint day after she injured her ankle and was in some pain. Clearly upset and I expect annoyed at the fact that she was out of the race for at least that day, I was glad to have helped. I hope she makes a full recovery soon."

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