Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2014
South Wales
18th April - 21st April
South Wales 18th April - 21st April

Day 4 Pwll Du – Relay Races

Monday 21st April

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Pwll Du is located to the south west of Abergavenny and to the north of Blaenavon in the borough of Torfaen (tourist information). It consists of open upland terrain lying between 400 m and 500 m, which, although only about 10 km from the Day 3 terrain, is very different in nature. The technical challenge here was created by a vast amount of historic surface mining (coal and limestone), which has left a legacy of intricate contour detail.

The area has been used for several major events, including the British Individual Championships in 2007 and Croeso 2008 (map) .

The World Heritage Site at Blaenavon has an excellent range of landmarks from the Industrial Revolution. The mighty iron foundry which formed the cutting edge of technology only a short time ago, is now being lovingly restored and interpreted.

Relay classes include:

  • Mini Relay
  • M/W40-
  • Intermediate Men (M48-)
  • Men's Trophy
  • Men's short
  • M120+
  • M165+
  • Intermediate Women (W48-)
  • Women's Trophy
  • Women's short
  • W120+
  • W165+
  • Mixed Ad Hoc
  • M/W210+

Parking: (16/04/2014) New advice regarding car parking is now available here.

Team captains: (14/04/2014) NB The Mixed Ad Hoc lap orders are here to aid team captains to declare their teams.

For further information about these classes, see the JK Relay Competition Rules. Note that the Mixed Ad Hoc class "is open to teams (M and/or W) made up from members of the same or different clubs".

Dogs: we regret that this is sheep country and that dogs are not allowed in any part of the terrain, including the assembly arena. Dogs are only allowed in the car parking area and nowhere else..

Start times: from 1000; call-up from 0930


Weather: the current forecast for nearby Big Pit can be found here.

  • Organiser - Dave Urch (BOK)
  • Planner -  Mark Bown and Keith Agmen (BOK)
  • Controller - Simon Thompson (HOC)
  • Assistant controller - Charles Daniel (BOK)