Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2014
South Wales
18th April - 21st April
South Wales 18th April - 21st April

Results: are available here, on the SI Results site.

String course results: Day 1; Day 2; Day 3

Officials' comments:

Day 1: Organiser; Planner; Controller

Day 2: Organiser; Planner; Controller

Day 3: Organiser; Planner; Controller

Day 4: Organiser; Planner; Controller

PreO results from JK Day 1: Elite; Novice; Maps: Elite; Novice; Solutions: Elite; Novice

The Controller and Planner have decided that the solution for Elite 13 was Z not B, which is what is shown on the solutions sheets, and the scores have been adjusted to allow for this.

PreO results from JK Day 3: Elite; Novice; Maps: Elite pt1; Elite pt2; Novice; Solutions: Elite; Novice

The weather affected some people's results, with the course appearing and disappearing into the mist from time to time. A blank appears in the results if they were unable to answer a particular control cluster.

RouteGadget: JK 2014 is pleased to be supporting RouteGadget 2, the quicker, faster version of the popular RouteGadget. We encourage you to draw your route each day so that you can compare where you went with others, replay your route against selected others, learn from any errors, etc.

The Routegadget site is available here and is also linked from the SI Results page.

A tutorial explaining how to use RouteGadget 2 is available here for those unfamiliar with it.

Final Details: The final version of the Event Programme is now available for download here. All previous versions are now obsolete and we recommend that they are deleted immediately to prevent them being used in error!

Day 4 Relay Car Parking details: these are complex and the Organiser has now published extra explanation/advice/clarification which you are asked to download from here if you are attending the Relays. This document supersedes the equivalent advice in the Event Programme.

Please note that there will be no printed copies at the event so competitors need to print and/or download sufficient copies for their own needs in advance. Please email the Enquiries Secretary if this causes problems.

Start lists for all three days are available here.