Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2016
25th March - 28th March
Yorkshire 25th March - 28th March

Photography at JK2016

Chris Spencer from ActivNorth Photography has some great professional photos from JK2016. You might well have seen Chris in the competition area. 

Day 1 Sprint (Leeds)

Day 2 (Wass Forest)

Day 3 (Kilnsey)

Day 4 (Storthes Hall)

All photos can be accessed on the ActivNorth website.

Photos from our other official photographer, Robert Lines

Day 1

BOF AGM (Day 1)

Day 4

Other photos

To get your photos linked here email photos@claro-orienteering.org.uk

Tony Udris - Day 1 Headcam, Day 2 Headcam and Day 3 Headcam

Brian Ward (Day 1 Planner) - Day 1 Photos

Brian Ward - Day 4 Photos

Mark Howell - Day 2 and Day 4

Andis Ozols - Day 1 Headcam