Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2016
25th March - 28th March
Yorkshire 25th March - 28th March

Officials for JK2016

Role Name Club
Joint Co-ordinator Mike Cope CLARO
Joint Co-ordinator Alistair Tinto EPOC
BO Major Events Manager Sally Pygott  
Budget Coordinator David Morgan EPOC
Mapping Co-ordinator Chris Burden AIRE
Safety Officer Ken Hutson HALO
Car Parking Coordinator Peter Haines AIRE
Starts Coordinator Chris Dicken CLARO
Entries Secretary(SI liaison,start lists) Peter Gorvett SYO
Entries Secretary Lucy Wiegand SYO
Website/Information Coordinator Vince Grealy CLARO
JK 2016 dropbox Vince Grealy CLARO
SI Coordinator Tim Moon CLARO
Equipment Coordinator Stan Appleton CLARO
Signs coordinator Vince Grealy CLARO
Enquiries Coordinator Peter Gorvett SYO
Enquiries Coordinator Lucy Weigand SYO
Radios coordinator David Jolly HALO
String Course Coordinators Martyn and Lisa Broadest AIRE
Day 1 Leeds University    
Organiser Neil Harvatt HALO
Assistant Organiser Ken Hutson HALO
University Liaison Heather Phipps AIRE
University Liaison Greg Hull AIRE
Planner Brian Ward HALO
Assistant Planner Brian Slater HALO
Controller Mark Garside WCH
IOF Adviser - Leeds Mike Forrest BOK
Mapping Adviser for Leeds Tony Thornley AIRE
Car Parking Maurice Calvert AIRE
Start Team Leader Graham Ramsden CLARO
SI equipment Brian Slater HALO
Prizegiving coordinators Day 1 Ian and Joyce Marshall AIRE
Day 2 Wass    
Organiser Mike Ridealgh EBOR
Assistant Organiser John Smales EBOR
Permissions Keith MacDermott EBOR
Planner Dennis Hooton EBOR
Assistant Planner Jonathon Hooton EBOR
Controller Derek Allison LOC
Mapping Adviser for Wass Rod Postlethwaite WRE
Assistant Local Controller Jeff Harris EBOR
Car Parking David Horn EBOR
Start Team Leader - west Dave & Pam Brown EBOR
Start Team Leader - east Karen & Richard Clark EBOR
SI equipment Graham Todd EBOR
Day 3 Kilnsey    
Organiser Dave Shelley AIRE
Assistant Organiser Natasha Conway AIRE
Assistant Organiser-stiles/permissions Guy Patterson AIRE
Planner Andrew Kelly AIRE
Planning Assistant Chris Burden AIRE
Controller Ray Barnes NOC
Assistant Local Controller Peter Jones AIRE
IOF Adviser - Kilnsey David Rosen SROC
Mapping Adviser for Kilnsey David Olivant NOC
Car Parking David Alcock AIRE
Car Parking Maurice Calvert AIRE
Start Team Leader - north Graham Ramsden CLARO
Start Team Leader - south Richard Kirk CLARO
SI equipment Alex Ayling AIRE
Prizegiving coordinators Day 3 Steve Webb & Sara Dyer  AIRE
Day 4 Storthes Hall    
Organiser Amanda Crawshaw EPOC
Assistant Organiser Charlie Adams SYO
Arena Managers Ian & Julie Couch EPOC
Planner Richard Payne EPOC
Controller Paul Taylor CLOK
Assistant Local Controller Alistair Tinto EPOC
Assistant Local Controller Emma Harrison EPOC
Mapping Adviser for Storthes Rod Postlethwaite WRE
Car Parking Davey Averill EPOC
SI equipment Tim Moon CLARO
Prizegiving coordinators Day 4 Esther & James Logue EPOC
Relay Entries/Enquiries David Morgan EPOC
TempO/PreO Day 1/2    
Temp O/Pre O Planner Peter Roberts EBOR
Temp O/Pre O Planner Christine Roberts EBOR
Temp O/Pre O Organisers Alan & Margaret Parker AIRE
Temp O/Pre O Controller Wilbert Hollinger LVO