Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2018
West Midlands
30th March - 2nd April
West Midlands 30th March - 2nd April

Goodbye from the JK 2018 team

The West Midlands Orienteering Association thanks you for coming to Cannock Chase for the 51st JK competition. There were four days of great orienteering, despite the attempts of the weather to scupper day 4!

Thanks to all the helpers from the West Midlands and further afield for their sterling work in making sure the events ran smoothly.

Please check out the results and the photos on their respective pages.

If you ordered merchandise and didn't pick it up, please contact Andy Yeates via coordinator2018@thejk.org.uk

Next year, the JK will be held in the South Central region of Southern England on 19th -22nd April 2019. Events will be held in the Newbury and Aldershot areas. See you there!

LOST PROPERTY: Please have a look and see if you recognise any of the items below. Then tell us if you want it back via coordinator2018@thejk.org.uk. We'll take it to one of the various events we are attending and, hopefully, reunite the item with you. Any item not claimed by 30th April will be disposed of.

Black Umbrella, Ikea

Shoes, size 8, purple and black 'more mile cheviot 3', with crater lake rim run 2017 bag

Crocs, blue, size 7

Jacket, red, Inov 'dig deeper 2017'

Various hats -  blue 'bull ski and kayak' beanie; child size 'little rock star' black hat with name 'Toby'; green/grey/yellow bobble hat with name Abigail Aince; 'Winter Camp' blue hat with name 'Gooch'; black Harbury R.F.C. hat; green Irish O Champs 2017 cap; white Ellesse cap; Yellow running cap with reflective band.

Gloves - pair of grey montaine, pair of black with yellow

Glasses - half-moon O glasses, black-rimmed glasses

Compass, small Silva based plate

Headband, white Ultrasport

Blue thermos with 3 cups

Powerbar drinks bottle (yellow with red writing)

Pro-cycling white drinks bottle

Dog water bottle with bowl

Small orange cow bell

One segment of a featherflag pole

One description holder containing course 5 (day 2) descriptions