Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2018
West Midlands
30th March - 2nd April
West Midlands 30th March - 2nd April

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The event is still on but parking is severely restricted and it is vital that you share cars.

Relay Parking


The weather has made parking at Beaudesert difficult. Sections earmarked for parking are now waterlogged. We will be parking you as best we can, so PLEASE bear with us while we try to get you into a sensible parking space.

If we cannot get everyone parked in time, we will look at delaying starts, but do not assume and rely on it.



It will come as no surprise that the field used for Day 3 parking is unusable for Day 4!

All vehicles, except those with dogs, wil now be parked in Beaudesert itself.

Parking will be tight so PLEASE share cars wherever possible and obey the marshalls.

If you bring a dog, you will be directed to Day 3 parking and we will do our best for you.

Results up to date!


The results from all competitions over the last 2 days are available on the Results page, including provisonal Temp-O results from Day 1

Day 2 - M/W21E Descriptions


Control descriptions length

Please note that the length of the M/W21E control description lengths are not as published for day 2. The lengths are now:

M21E - 21cm

W21E - 19cm

Last minute information


JK tops

We thought that there would be some spare tops that we would be able to sell at the event. This is no longer the case as the supplier did not send them. If you haven't pre-ordered some merchandise and would still like some, then orders will be taken at Enquiries.

Elite Start Times and Bibs

Elites will wear the same bib for days 1 and 2 (unless they have a non-elite run on one of those days, where they will need to wear a non-elite bib). Start times for day 3 will be based on day 2 performances and will allocated at the end of day 2.


JK Programme V3.2 available


Version 3.2 of the programme is now available with minor updates. See the Programme tab for more information.

JK Programme V3.1 available


Version 3.1 of the programme is now available. 

There may be more minor amendments, so please don't print the programme off until you have to.

Day 1 - Reminder of proof of identity needed


This is a reminder that you must have photo ID to gain entry to the day one event on MOD Stafford. You will be turned away otherwise.

If you are in a vehicle, this just applies to the driver. Make sure you have your pass printed out or available electronically when you arrive.

If you are on foot, all adults will need photo ID.

Dogs on Relay Day


Relay Day – good news for dog owners. 

We now have limited use of the parking field used for Day 3 parking which allows dogs.  HOWEVER, access to the field is through the Relay competition area, so the following conditions apply: 

  • You must arrive before 09:30
  • Competitors to leave area by 09:45
  • No pedestrian access to cars between 09:45 and 12:15
  • Exit only after 12:15

If you cannot meet all of these conditions, then please do not bring your dog.

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