Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2018
West Midlands
30th March - 2nd April
West Midlands 30th March - 2nd April

JK 2018 Results

The results can be found on the SportIdent site

Day 1 Sprint - MOD Stafford

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Day 1 Temp-O

Temp-O Results    Corrected solutions map    Planner's Notes    Problem Cards (5Mb)
The problem cards are not at the highest resolution. If you need this contact the JK2018 Facebook page.

Day 2 Middle - Brereton Spurs

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Day 3 Long - Beaudesert

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Apologies but unfortunately we have had to use an older version of the map but at least RG is up for some of the courses.

Day 3 Pre-O - Beaudesert

Standard Results    Elite (corrected) Results    Corrected spreadsheet    Solutions Map

Following a complete audit of the Elite results for Day 3 PreO to support the British TrailO ranking process, 3 errors were identified which have now been corrected in the Elite Results only. Standard results are unaffected.

Day 4 Relays - Beaudesert


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