Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2019

South Central Orienteering Association

19th April - 22nd April


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Motorhomes at the JK

When we first started to organise the parking and assembly for JK2019 Day 3 we had concerns that anyone driving larger than average vehicles may not be able to get around the bend from the entry track into the parking/assembly field.  The entry track also needed considerable work to make it passable for any vehicles.
The necessary work has now been done, the pot holes have been filled in with hard core and the enormous muddy ruts that made the gateway difficult have now been flattened.
I am pleased to say that the gateway into the field should now be passable for most larger sized vehicles.   So please follow the directions to be found in the Final Details and come in down the track with everyone else to Day 3.
I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful JK2019.
Organiser JK2019 Day 3

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