Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2019

South Central Orienteering Association

19th April - 22nd April


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JK2019 Prizes and Medals

Some individual winners of the JK Sprint and Combined (day 2 plus day 3) competitions were unable to collect their winner's trophies, or medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, at the JK weekend. They will be available to collect on Sun 5 May from Enquiries at the British Championships.

The JK Relay prizes that were not presented at the JK Relay will be presented in a separate ceremony following the British Relays on Mon 6th May.

If you believe you are due a prize and will not be able to collect it in person, please try to find someone else who would be willing to collect it on your behalf. We will make a record of who takes trophies so that they can be easily tracked for the next JK.

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