Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2021
South West England
2nd April - 5th April
South West England 2nd April - 5th April

Day 4 (relay) - Monday 5th April – Davidstow Moor


COVID-19:  the text following on this page describes the event with no restrictions.  As the UK pandemic position becomes clearer the detail may change.
JK2021 has had permission withdrawn for our initial Relay venue due to concerns over the number of competitors.  Davidstow Moor is also a SSSI and we are in discussion with various local and national interests to confirm access for the relays.

Arena: Davidstow Moor, grid reference SX 1544 8471.

Parking: On the old airfield between 0-500m from the arena.

Terrain: Davidstow Moor comprises fast, open, moorland, with subtle contours, few paths and is bramble free.


Map: 1:15000, 1:10,000, 1:7500 5m contour interval to ISOM 2017, original map Will Hancock, extended and updated by Jon Sutcliffe and Ben Mitchell.

Previous map https://www.kerno.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#117.


Classes (pre-entry only):

  • A - JK Trophy
  • B - Women's Trophy
  • C - Men’s Short
  • D - Women’s Short
  • E - Senior Men (combined class ages 120+)
  • F - Senior Women (combined class ages 120+)
  • G - Veteran Men (combined class ages 165+)
  • H - Veteran Women (combined class ages 165+)
  • J - Ultra-Veterans (combined class ages 210+, with +10 for each woman)
  • K - Intermediary Men (combined class ages 48-)
  • L - Intermediary Women (combined class ages 48-)
  • M - Junior Relay (combined class ages 40-)
  • N - Mini Relay (M/W12-)
  • P - Mixed Ad Hoc - any men or women from same or different clubs


Running orders will be as follows (as per the rules):

  • Classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J - Long, Short, Long
  • Classes K, L - Green, Orange, Green
  • Class M - Orange, Yellow, Orange
  • Class N - Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
  • Class P - Green, Short Green, Orange

Classes J, M, N and P may be mixed gender teams (with additional age class allowance for women in class J). Classes B, D, F, H, L are for women only teams. Other classes are typically male teams, but may also be mixed gender.

Full details of the classes and rules can be found here.

Mass starts: From 10:00.

Prize Giving: The JK relay prize giving (all classes) will take place at 13:00. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd team in each of the classes (including Mixed Ad Hoc).

Dogs: Permitted in the arena and car parks but not on the courses (except for registered assistance dogs which are allowed by competitors that require them). We ask that if you bring your dog that you keep it on a lead at all times and clear up after them.


  • Organiser: Steve Beech (KERNO)
  • Planner: Will Hancock (KERNO)
  • Controller: Charles Daniel (BOK)