Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2015
Lake District
3rd April - 6th April
Lake District 3rd April - 6th April


There will be two TrailO events at JK2015. Both are open to all.

If you have not tried TrailO before, now is the time!

If you want to know more visit the British Orienteering TrailO page and read this introduction to the sport.
You can also have a look at the IOF Technical Introduction to Trail O for the Experienced Foot Orienteer.
This document contains photographs of the control sites on a sample course. Several have been used as examples in the introduction to the sport document.

Pre-entries are now closed. You can enter on the day subject to map avaialbility.
Start times will not be pre-allocated but start priority will be given to those who have pre-entered.


Trail O Entry on the Day Fees
  Junior/Student Senior
Day 1
£2.50 £5.00
Day 2
Novice PreO
£2.50 £5.00
Day 2
Elite PreO
£6.00   £12.00

Pre-JK Training
The training area at Tarn Hows (situated between Hawkshead and Coniston), available from Saturday 28 March until Sunday 5 April inclusive, will have a TrailO course.
Details of location and how to obtain maps are on the Training page.

A document with all the information for the TrailO Events extracted from the full JK Event Details Booklet  can be downloaded here. This document includes all amendments made up to 13:30 on 1 April.

Friday 3 April: TempO, Lancaster University, Bailrigg campus

Planner: John Kewley (MDOC)
Controller: Pete Owens (DEE)

TempO is the sprint version of TrailO where competitors compete against the clock.
 As TempO takes much less time that PreO, starts will run alongside the Sprint Race so competitors wishing to do both will be able to fit in a TempO run around their allocated Sprint Race start time.

To see the Lancaster University map, go to the Previous Maps of Competition Areas page.

Car Parking to TempO Assembly: You can drive to park at the Lancaster University Sports Centre which is adjacent to the TempO assembly or you can park for the Sprint race and then walk or drive to the TempO Assembly (see Event Details).

Sprint Race Arena - TempO Assembly: Approximately 1200m. Allow 15-20 minutes.

TempO Start: The model cluster and course start are close to TempO Assembly.

Start times: 13:45-16:15.

Course Details (subject to final controlling)
There is a single course of 700m for all competitors. There will be 6 stations, each of which will have 4 problems which must be answered continuously with a maximum time of 2 minutes per station – you will get a warning after 1:40 has elapsed. Each station has 6 kites (from left to right: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot). As well as these possible answers, a “Zero” answer may be given when you believe that no kite is correct.

Terrain: The route follows a tarmac path.

Map: 1:4,000, ISSOM, 2.5m contours, no special symbols

Finish: In TempO Assembly

Saturday 4 April: PreO, Haverigg Dunes

Planner: Pete Owens (DEE)
Controller: John Kewley (MDOC)

Location: Millom Rugby Union Club, Haverigg
Post code: LA18 4ER, Grid Ref: SG156784, Lat: 54.194214 Long: -3.294016

Travel Directions
It is a 20 minute drive from the Day 2 competition car parks at Duddon Bridge.
Go to Enquiries and collect a map showing the route from Day 2 parking to the PreO parking.
Full travel directions are in the Event Details Booklet

In the Rugby Club car park.
Toilets (including disabled toilets) are located in the Rugby Club.

Distance from car park to Assembly: 600m along a level, firm track.

EOD Registration: At the tent in the Assembly area from 13:30

Distance to start: The timed controls and course start are close to Assembly.

Start times & procedure
Start times are 14:00-16:30.
Competitors on the elite course will complete two timed controls with two problems at each before proceeding to the course start. Competitors on the novice course will go directly to the course start.

Course closing time: 18:00

Course Details (subject to final controlling)
Elite Course: 20 controls + 4 timed controls, 1km, 90 minutes
Novice Course: 12 controls, 1.8km, 90 minutes

For problems where the correct answer is zero (Z), the nearest flag is either on a different feature, its position on the correct feature deviates by more than 90º from that described or its distance to the centre of the circle is more than 3m.

Fully accessible – a firm level vehicle track through open dunes. The track is used as the access route for the Lakeland Outdoor Club campsite so if the weather is fine you may encounter some vehicles.

1:5000, ISSOM, 2.5m contours, size A4, digital printing on waterproof paper.
Pictorial control descriptions will be printed on the map.

The Novice finish is close to the assembly area. The Elite finish is 1km from assembly; competitors are reminded to remain silent as they return to assembly along the route of the course.

Map extract Haverigg Dunes

To see a copy of the full map of Haverigg, go to the Lakeland Orienteering Club routegadget site.
Prize Giving for TempO and PreO
At 16:00 in Day 3 Arena, Bigland.